# Build your own dynamic DNS service with GO!

DynDNS with golang

Dynamic DNS is a handy tool whenever you want access your home environment from the outside world. Most of us have dynamic IP, so the dns server must be updated whenever the dynamic address changes. Somehow I don't feel comfortable with services such as no-ip.com etc. and that is why I decided to write simple, yet useful dynamic DNS service on my own. It took me ~300 lines of well formatted code. It is not much, isn't it? Let's "GO"!

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# Complex debugging php with Valgrind [FreeBSD 7.3, LogStash]

Have you ever wonder how php errors affect performance? Every time script is being run, compiler handles errors somehow. So the question is "How? What can I get by fixing those "less important" issues?" (Except obvious benefit which is better code). In this article we're going to take a deep look into php generated errors and we'll try to analyze results and draw some conclusions from that.

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